Rape of toddler leaves Myanmar reeling

On the morning of May 16, a two-year-old girl went to her private nursery in the capital of Myanmar, Nay Pyi Taw, and returned home with a horrifying tale.

The only suspect charged in the case is back in court on Wednesday, July 25. But from the start, this case has been thin on evidence and clouded by contradiction. Police say a medical examination carried out after Victoria’s mother had noticed her injuries and taken her to hospital showed the girl was sexually assaulted.

But in a country with rampant corruption, the public’s expectations for justice has agitated many.

Many believed that Aung Gyi, the suspect under custody, is a scapegoat so that the authorities could claim they’d done their job.

The administrator of the nursery and several teachers have denied that any sexual assault took place on the premises. Another teacher, Nilar Aye, said the girl had never left her sight that day. 

Question: How best to safeguard our children?


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